• respect matters

    respect matters

    Respect is treating others with honour and dignity. Respect is shown through attentiveness, maintaining one’s commitment and responsibility to agreed-upon tasks. Respectful students have good manners, are polite and show appreciation for the efforts of others.
  • integrity matters

    integrity matters

    Integrity is being true to one’s very best self. Integrity means doing the right thing when it is difficult to do so, or when no one is watching. Integrity means making the best choice to benefit the group and not just one’s own needs and goals.
  • honesty matters

    honesty matters

    Honesty is speaking the truth to others. Honest students do not hide or misrepresent the truth. Honest students admit to wrong doings and make commitments to improve. They also help their peers be honest.
  • perseverance matters

    perseverance matters

    Perseverance is completing tasks irrespective of how difficult the task is. Students that persevere work hard towards the goals they set, do not give up, and are creative and resourceful when overcoming obstacles.
  • responsibility matters

    responsibility matters

    Responsible students complete assigned duties and tasks. They perform all tasks to the best of their ability. Responsible students assume accountability for the decisions they make and the behaviours they display.
  • diversity matters

    diversity matters

    When diversity matters to students, the demonstrate appreciation for the uniqueness and differences of all people. They promote and maintain a commitment to values of social justice and equality in the school and the community.
  • passion matters

    passion matters

    A passionate student is committed to their learning and school experience. They bring forth their best effort, and focus on opportunities that positively enhance their learning and the school’s culture. Passionate students advocate their needs and reflect on their efforts.
  • participation matters

    participation matters

    Participation is taking part in the school and community. It means making a positive contribution through involvement in volunteer opportunities, leadership initiatives and the sharing of talents in school initiatives. Participation means helping to maintain a welcoming and positive school culture for all.
  • kindness matters

    kindness matters

    Kindness means showing care and compassion to others at all times. Kindness is the inclusion of all students, irrespective of differences. Kindness means sharing resources and time. It means being considerate of others opinions and feelings.